Every committed relationship is a journey, fluid and dynamic. This is a fact that lovers must accept in order to ensure the success and happiness quotients of their interactions.

Although many believe marriage is the biggest change in a relationship (for better or for worse) and we have all chuckled at the comedic fodder nominating marriage for the ultimate sex-killer award…it really is not.

In my experience, it is preganancy, giving birth, becoming parents, and childrearing that creates the greatest loss of physical intimacy in most committed and monogamous relationships.

After the children come, you have to make a greater effort to remain lovers and not settle into a regular rut of functioning like co-parenting roommates. The last thing you want your lover to feel or to think is, "…We use to be so hot together, now instead of getting busy, we’re just busy, wiping snotty noses and messy bums…".

Here are some tips to keep your sex life thriving, or should I say throbbing, after four legs in the bed become six or eight, especially for all of us co-sleeping parents.

1. Have a weekly date night
This puts you both in a flirtatious mood and out of the house-bound head space. Warning! Do not spend the evening talking about the kids

2. Explore other rooms in the house
Don’t limit canoodling to the bedroom, steal sexy moments in the laundry room, the garage or the car

3. Dress for sex success
Save the oversized muumuu for sleep overs at your Mother’s house. Dress up for your man in sexy nighties sans undies or booty hugging short shorts

4. Shower together
No explanation required …

5. Sleep in the nude
The feeling of skin-to-skin contact under the covers is a definite tingling turn-on

6. Escape from you cuddly co-sleepers
If your kids creep into bed with you in the middle of the night, leave them there and escape to another room. The smell of Mommy or Daddy’s pillow is usually enough for them, so consider simply switching beds with your chronic kiddie co-sleepers

7. Send naughty text messages during the day
A sexy message telling your partner what you want to do to them later, keeps you both excited and in anticipation of after work activity

8. Arrange sleepovers
Put Grand-ma, Aunty and trusted baby-sitter on speed dial. Take advantage of sleepover offers at Grand-ma’s house

9. Explore Erotica together
Turning the pages of a steamy novel or watching a sexy video together is sure to put both of you in a naughty mood. Being open-minded and sharing this slightly taboo material with each other encourages you to tap into your inner freak in a safe environment

10. Utilize your relationship history
Remember the things your partner liked when your were first dating and became lovers. Tantalize him with his favourite treats and be open to learning new tricks, including incorporating adult toys